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High Quality Automotive Clips Fasteners Production

  • Xian Shun Brand

    Xian Shun has been established for over 20 years.

    A brand with company cultrue and management.

    Lending with high quality and technology.

  • Xian Shun Manufacturer

    Specialized in high quality automotive fasteners.

    Good quality comes from comperhensive management.

    A system of constant improvement and reliability.

  • Xian Shun Team

    Professional staff is the soul of the product.

    Our competitiveness comes from our staff.

    The improvemnt of our staff drives us forward.

  • Xian Shun Worldwide

    Profound knowledge from the industry.

    Better product design and service.

    Business insight and support.

Specialized in Automobile Clips Fasteners since 1988

Xian Shun Plastic Fasteners Co., Ltd. is the leading automotive plastic clip fasteners manufacturer in China.  We are internationally known for decades.  

With a group of highly professional designers and operators, advanced manufacturing and plastic inspection equipment, Xian Shun Plastic Fastener designs and produces only the best quality auto fasteners. 

We are ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certified. From material selection to parts production, we conform to the strictest quality requirements in automobile industries.  

Xian Shun Plastic Fastener will produce the high quality auto clips fasteners and provide the utmost fasteners services to our customers.  We look forward to serve your business.  Thank you.

Automotive Fasteners Product and Services

With over 2000 different clips fasteners for different car makes and models, Xian Shun Plastic Fasteners Co. Ltd. Has a large range of auto clips fasteners for your need. We can be your one stop shop for automotive retainers, clips and fasteners. We carry universal clips and fasteners with quality as good as original OEM parts for Acura, AMC, AUDI, BMW, Chrysler, FIAT, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, GM, Kia, Toyota, Lexus, Land Rover, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, PSA, Renault, Subaru, Volkswagen, Volvo, and more. The auto clips can be fitted for many application:

Car Bumper Retainer Clips

Car Fender Retainer Clips

Rocker Panel Retaining Clips

Car Door Panel Clips

Hose Clamps

Nuts and Grommets

Engine Hood Sealing Clips

Bumper Grille Fasteners

Car Floor Mat Retainers

Plastic Rivets

Fir Tree Clips

Trim Moulding Clips

Car Trunk Clips Retainers

Head Light Retainers

Push Fit Type Retainers

Plastic Screw and Nuts

Arch Wheel Clips Fasteners

License Plate Retainers

Original Automobile TS-16949 OEM Production System

Xian Shun are a specialist manufacturer of automotive fasteners. We supply direct to vehicle OEMs and 1st Tier suppliers in both the car and commercial vehicle sectors. We offer a large range of automotive clips fasteners solutions with highly comprehensive expertise to meet the varying needs of different manufacturers and vehicle applications.

CORE Competence

Large Range and Stock– We carry a large range of stock to deliver the auto fasteners in short lead-time

Low Minimum Order Quantities – We set the lowest possible minimum levels to reduce risk of obsolescence

Parts and Fastener Kitting – We collate fasteners and small parts into service and repair kits

Assembly of Small Components – We can assemble small parts to meet aftermarket needs

Product Marking & Labelling – We apply customized labelling to parts and print and insert H7S or user instructions

Product Packaging – We can supply a wide range of bags, boxes, outer cartons to meet customer requirements

Product Branding – We can help to supply all parts either using customer branding or Xian Shun label and package

TS-16949 Standards – We work to the international TS-16949 quality management system standard

Xian Shun Technology

Plastic Fasteners & Auto Clips

Xian Shun Engineered Fastening designs and develops highly engineered plastic fasteners for the automotive industry.

Plastic Fasteners Features

Xian Shun plastic fasteners are ergonomic, economic, efficient attachments that provide true value to the customer. Trust Warren to ensure that your fastening and assembly requirements are met.

Plastic Fasteners Application

Xian Shun plastic fasteners can also be used in numerous areas of industrial manufacturing.

Plastic Clips Component

Plastic clips fasteners are an essential component of the automobile engineered fastening system. Xian Shun designs and produces successful projects for multinational cooperation with Xian Shun fasteners products. One of the most reliable and cost-effective fastening solution in the automotive industry.

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