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Trim Panel Screw Grommet
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Honda, Joylong
Product color:
Nylon White
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Product details introduction

Trim Panel Screw Grommet

Nut and Grommet

#8 Screw Size

Honda#90664-S3-003(90664S3003), Joylong#90189-05055(9018905055)





Xian Shun Auto Clips


  • We are the leading specialized manufacturer of Automobile Plastic and Metal Fastener in China.
  • Since 1988, we only produce Aftermarket Car Clips.
  • Grand factory with advance facility under systematic control.
  • TS16949 OEM Production Car Fasteners Auto Clip.



  • We have more than 2,000 kinds of automotive clips products.
  • Each year we develop hundreds of NEW plastic and metal auto body fastener for our OEM customers.
  • Products includes:car clips, auto body retainer, tubing & hose (Tee) connectors / joint pipe, cable straps, bumper clips, auto trim clips, auto blind rivets, rocker moulding clips, screw nuts and grommets, plug, oil drain plug gaskets, and so on.



  • Good facility and production process control to produce good product OEM clips.
  • TS16949 Internal control for good automobile production process.



  • To avoid all those auto parts clips product defect issue, it is imporant to have reliable supplier with good quality control.
  • Customer service is important, we offer good quality and support to bring our customer more value.



  • Contact us for over 2000 kinds of auto metal and plastic fastener selection in our product line.
  • Auto Clip product is also fit for other automotive business or other clips products.


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